[HeRos] PCB received and STM32

Hello everyone!

Today we had our PCB in our hands! But the components aren’t soldered yet so we’ll have to wait a little bit before experimenting. In the mean time we have the development board for the WiFi module so we’ll be able to start working on the WiFi connection starting tomorrow! Good news though: the mounting holes on the PCB are perfectly aligned with the Pololu! \o/

Most of today was dedicated to the practical work on STM32. I finally managed to make the serial over usb work! The problem wasn’t even with the usb, it was with an ADC (used for a potentiometer) that generated interrupts too frequently… Anyway now the LEDs, the buttons, the buzzer and the serial over usb work fine so I implemented a virtual piano which is pretty cool 🙂

Unfortunately the network configuration isn’t as cool! I can’t manage to get it working and I doubt that I will be able to before midnight (deadline) so I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to ask how I could/should have done it!

Until next time!

Here are pictures before soldering:

Heros_top Heros_bottom

2 comments to [HeRos] PCB received and STM32

  • Loki

    Can you upload pictures of the pcb? Before and after soldering ?

  • BigFatFlo

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, I completely forgot!
    I will upload the picture as soon as we get the PCB, but it will be after soldering.
    The only pictures we have before soldering are those I just edited into the post.