[HeRos] Production & STM32

This week was a pretty strange week. I was learning C++ in Mines Paris, that was quite fun to discover a new language and a new way of thinking and implementing stuff 😉

This week our PCB went in production, All the team was really excited to see that our baby was going to be created 😉

I took finally some time to re-read all the Rose courses i couldn’t revise earlier, and got in touch with ChibiOS 😉

I also progressed on my practical exercise on the STM32 discovery board. I succeeded in implementing a PWM on the 4 Leds without configuring timers manually or using any callbacks. Hope i’ll finish it before tomorrow evening.

BTW if you want to see more about our projects (goals, components), see our project on Hackster, and don’t hesitate to ask questions about it, the more interactions the better !

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