[Kudly] A strange end with lwIP


This morning, we continued the pcb design : it is almost the end 😉 We also went to buy our cuddly bear (you can find a picture on Dimitri post). It is so cute.

I continued the TP too. I did a request on the server of the school. To do so, I used lwIP librairy. I had a lot of troubles. To finally kind of successed but the result is really strange.

I use dhcp to obtain an ip address. The first problem appear hear : if I do it directly, the soft stops. If I add chThdSleepMilliseconds… it works. I do not understand why.

Secondly, I can only do one request : the second tcp write gives an error. If I try to reconnect to the school server, the program stops and never start again.

I have no real idea of why it is doing such a thing. I will continue to look for the solution 🙂




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