[StabiloRose] Starting the sphere design


This morning we started to think about the design of our sphere. We plan to build it with a 3D printer. The external diameter will be 16 centimeters. After modeling the first few components with SolidWorks, we are stuck. We have to find a way to build a 3D structure which can bear the PCB, the battery and the LEDs. We found some balls which were made by assembling triangles, but is doesn’t really correspond to our project.

At this moment, we have the idea of building two concentric spheres. The internal one will carry the components : PCB and battery on the inside, the LED strips laid on the surface. The external sphere is going to provide a round shape.

Any ideas or feedbacks ?


3D sphere

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  • Loki

    Good luck with the design, take a look at how are the insides of sphero (basically a half sphere).
    What is the shape of your pcb? Rectangular? Maybe you can make a “sandwich” design with the pcb flat in the middle and 2 half spherical grids where you can lay the led strips.

    Not entirely related but take a look at onshape.com (basically solidworks in a web browser with github like features) for the 3D design.

  • clestrelin

    Indeed our PCB is rectangular: about 55*45mm. I didn’t know onshape.com. I’ll take a look at it.

    In fact, we would like to put the battery in the center of the sphere in order to maximize the equilibrium. We haven’t thought about grids but it is a really good idea. The holes can be used to run cables. And we can attach the strips easily.

    Thanks Loki.

  • Loki

    You’re welcome :).

    Yes it’s logical to try to place the battery in the center, you can also add some dead weight simetrically since it’s not a mobile object.

    How will it stay in place if put on a table to display things like text notifications (imagine twitter and co)? Is it supposed to be held at any time? How do you prevent it from rolling? Maybe you can prodide an additional 3d printed base/stand whatever?

    Are you still planning to do induction charging?

  • clestrelin

    It is not supposed to be held. Actually, we haven’t decided yet. We have two solutions. On the first hand, we can use the battery as a stabilizer. We place it near to the surface of the sphere and its weigh will prevent it from rolling. However, the ball can’t roll properly. On the other hand, we can equilibrate the ball. It gives us more freedom about the applications we can develop. In this case, the stand is the simplest solution.

    Since the project switched from migB to StabiloRose, the size of the ball, and therefore, the number of LEDs have grown. With the increased power consumption, we abandoned the idea of wireless charging. We are going to use a 3-cell LiPo battery, which can not be easily charged by induction. We may reintroduce it in a more complete version.

  • Loki


    The charging circuit for the Lipo will be integrated? (so you only need to plug the ball to charge it) or you must open the ball every time you whant to change the battery? In that case having it near the surface with a removable cover can be great.

  • clestrelin

    For the moment, the charging circuit will not be integrated. At first we will have to open the ball. But we can easily imagine a dissimulated connector on the sphere.