[ChibiOS] Structuring everything

Last days coding on the STM32 with ChibiOS wasn’t easy. I had to clarify all my code in order to get it work correctly. I knew my code had some troubles in part, or functions to implement better / more efficiently, and i didn’t do right away in order to move on some news features because we have to finish in 2 days. I now see clearly that it wasn’t a good idea, and the more I was waiting the more difficult it was to solve that old code’s problem.

By revising everything that needed it, I saw clearly why things wasn’t working like I expected, and after some time, my code was working like it was supposed to, every thread, function, was in the right file, called correctly from other files.

I now have my ADC and my serial usb working, and I’m beginning the TCP/IP by reading code from the demo and docs from the internet.

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