Kudly’s PCB and TP

Hello everybody,

I couldn’t post sunday, so i will recap my last 2 days of work. First of all, sunday night we worked with my team mates on our PCB, our schematic had some mistakes due to SPI protocol who was apparently misunderstood by us.

We also try  a positioning of our components, but it changed on Monday because we bought a teddy bear and decided where the camera and PIR will be( in the eyes ), our PCB shape due to this.

On Monday afternoon and today, I worked on my TP and I progressed a lot, by exemple, I implemented the ADC, the buzzer and the USB but my USB program had some fails on my PC but not on my team mates’ one. I discovered that my Minicom tried to speak with my card like with a modem, so it sent some characters like “A” or “\r” whereas I only sent others characters. I also discovered that one of my debug options was disabled and some errors were not detected and my program wasn’t so good because I used bad functions, so I changed them.

Today, I also tried to clean my repositories and main program because I used threads in a bad way and it wasn’t very cleared in it.

To end up, we are proud to announce you the sending of our PCB to production !! Sorry for the long post, here’s not a potato 😉

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