[ChibiOS] What a day !

Today was a big day. I had to finish the implementation of a simple http client before the challenge of tomorrow, to get familiar with the LwIP stack and the netconn API. It’s almost done. I haven’t tested it with telecom-paristech.fr because the site was down for a few hours this afternoon. I tested with my laptop as a web server, only with netcat. I received the http get and the response was correctly redirected on the serial over USB channel. By the way, the port 80 seems to be blocked on the computers of the a406 room. I mean, with netcat listening to the port 80 on my laptop, I couldn’t established any connection from another computer in the room, even if both were connected with Ethernet.

I’m not inspired tonight, so I am going to continue with these little mistakes or, let’s say carelessness, I made today. The first of all dealt with endianness. I only used static IPs, so I hardcoded them. This was a really bad idea. With a little-endian processor and a big-endian network, you could imagine the disaster. Then I worked with the echo server set up by Alexis. After a few tries (at least one hour), the communication was impossible. The server was down. About this point, I plead guilty.

But this is nothing compared to the netconn API documentation. Between the ambiguity of the explanations, the broken links, and the “@todo explain netbuf”, I was completely lost. I allocated memory for the buffers where I should not, I used functions reserved to UDP…

Anyway, this is over. I give you another funny picture, from Geek & Poke this time.

Endianness (from http://geek-and-poke.com/)

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