[challenge] What a day !

I had imagined many scenarios for this day, but certainly not this one. To answer your question Drix, yes the progress animation was there. It was funny, but also very destabilizing. Could you imagine that in the preparatory exams for the Grandes Ecoles ? Every one becomes crazy ! On the one hand it is very stimulating and emulates the competition. On the other hand, it reassures you. I was not the only one to be stuck at step one in the afternoon.

In fact, my code was not robust enough and I spent many hours on debugging it. Then, I had a revelation around 5pm, which gave me only a few hours to progress on the challenge. I can still remember Sam’s eyes saying “Another one who haven’t listen…”, when he was checking my work… And he was right. After cleaning all this, the coding was more fluid. It brings me out of my grumpy mood and my bad faith.

Above all, the challenge really was a good experience. I understood a lot about debugging, and errors management in particular. I must correct the code of the practical work and make it clearer now. The more I use ChibiOS, the more I enjoy it. There is a big step to understand it in the beginning. But it turns out to be very powerful and easy to use.

At present, we have to focus on the code of our project… but not tonight.


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