Exhausting challenge

Here’s the end (well… is it?) of a demanding week, in which we all worked on our TP, and today on the challenge (aka the evil and picky Scala Ada server). We probably did not spend enough time on the project those past few days but that was required in order to become familiar with ChibiOS, which is a great piece of work with a few documentation issues (but who could blame Giovanni for that).

So, to sum it up, we’re now able to:

  • use the threads and synchronization primitives,
  • use the network (lwip),
  • use the timers,
  • use the interruptions,
  • use the ADC,
  • use the GPIOs,
  • use the SPI driver,
  • use the serial over USB,
  • write valid code in one shot.

And most of all, we now start to picture the structure of a ChibiOS-based firmware.
Those basis give us great insights of the coming weeks, brace ourselves… and let’s get some sleep.

chibios is coming

2 comments to Exhausting challenge

  • Alexis Polti

    Not Ada: Scala (and a little touch of Python) 🙂
    Anyway, yes, brace yourselves and get some sleep. The hardest is coming!

  • lerela

    Of course, fixed…
    April the 12th it is, we’ll save the date (but let’s try to get some results before that).