[STM32F4] End of the labwork and the challenge


This week, we have to finish the stm32 labwork and what a mess! I was not early. However, I got a really good experience. I’m now able to drive leds with pwm, handle buttons and trim, and even create a tcp client.
The most difficult part was the tcp client, we had to modify the lwipthread.c file and a lot of functions came from “nowhere”. When I have understood how it works, I see how it is powerful. Now, I still have some troubles : the connection is not very fast and many connections in a loop don’t work perfectly.

For the challenge, I have succeed two steps and have reached the third too late. It was around 18h45 and it stopped earlier this year : 19h30. Maybe, it was possible but I feel tired… During the morning, something strange is appeared. I have implemented a function which was called in my tcp client. But in fact, it was never called and even in gdb. In gdb, it was missing! I will find the commit and try again at home. If the problem is still present, I really want help from the teachers in order to discover the mistake. In the afternoon, I have changed and have implemented an other technique. I have learned how to use MailBox in chibios aka queue.

Today, I solve a strange behavior from my board at home. I have implemented a thread which toggles a led every time something on the serial is received. At the beginning of each program, the led was toggling ten times and I got back this : “AT?PORT”. Other students have had problem today with the serial and it was owing to the modem manager. Thus, when I came back home I discovered that modem manager was in my fedora too. Like I expected, after removing it, it worked so well!

Until now, let’s go back to the project!


Eric Masseran


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