[Kudly] Communication challenge & PCB

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was the day of the communication challenge ! It’s was a great coding day, but stay focus all day long was quite difficult (we should have taken more pauses, but we wanted to go as fast as possible…). I’m glad of what I did, even though my code was note very clean, and I made silly mistakes.

For the TP, I used DHCP to get an IP adress, but in the challenge we needed to use a static given IP. And I lost an 1 hour to configure the DNS… After that, I also lost time on the step 3 (the step where we had to answer question), because I believed that we had only 10 seconds to send the request with the answers, so I use the serial USB for writing on the keyboard the answers, and I spend an hour trying to answer the 5 questions… But there was no time limit to answer the questions, and we could have multiple try for one serie of questions….

Because of all the time lost, I had only 1 hour (at the end of the day, less focused that at the begining…) to configure the SPI and the LCD screen. Finnaly, I achieved to send data with SPI, and print something on the screen, but not the image with the token to achieve the step….

We also see with our own eyes our PCB ! What a great thing !

Have a good WE,


Dimitri Tuaz

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