[StabiloRose] Design is ready

As expected, the design is over. Nothing really new compared to yesterday. We started to print an element of sphere. It will take about an hour.  Thus, there may be a few modification to fit the 3D printer constraints. Like yesterday, here are the 3D models.

Element of sphere

PCB and its support

Exploded view

I agree, it looks a bit like a mine.


4 comments to [StabiloRose] Design is ready

  • The links seem to point on pdf files displaying only “Enable 3D View”.
    (tested w/ evince & acroread)

  • clestrelin

    Well, there are some problem with 3D PDFs on Linux. It working fine with Windows. Adobe reader seems to be a good solution. However I don’t know if there are dependencies. I can send you these files under another format if you are interested in.

  • I’ll try with a (virtual) windows machine then.

  • Question about the picture: is the center of gravity in the center of the sphere?
    It looks like the big green rectangular cuboid (battery?) is a bit low…