First flash of StabiloRose

Hi again,

today I spent a lot of time on making PSSC. Once I got a first version, I wanted to modify some of them thinking they were bad or just misdated, so I got a second version, etc… and thus I think your PSSC can always be better (but you need stop thinking to choose). Besisdes I wanted to show dependencies between PSSC on the gantt chart but it makes the chart unreadable.

Our PCB are ready since yesterday and today I made the first flash. I wanted to implement a serial communication between the PCB and my computer. It doesn’t work yet, but I saw my program run with gdb and I think it is a pretty good news. I was really afraid during the try as soon as we have to be very careful to connect power before usb, and also disconnect the usb before power. Hope no one will do this for the next 3 tweeks.



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