[HeRos] Control through WiFi and dead processor

Hi everyone!

Today was a good day! Until it wasn’t…

It was good because I managed to get the WiFi working to the point that I could control the movement of the HeRos via WiFi remotely from my computer! I use telnet to talk to the module. I still have to make my java implementation work because it doesn’t, I don’t know why. It should listen to the UDP packets sent regularly by the WiFi module, containing its IP address, get that address and open a TCP socket in order to talk to the module. But I can’t get the program to receive an UDP packet… I’ll have to find out why tomorrow!

Then it wasn’t good anymore because at about 18h30 the PCB I was working on suddenly didn’t work anymore… But I wasn’t doing anything special that I hadn’t done many times in the afternoon, so I didn’t understand why it didn’t work anymore. So I asked Alexis if he had any idea what was going on, and after some investigating on his part, it turns out that the processor is dead. The cause is probably the reset pin of the Pololu, which we connected to an output push-pull GPIO on the STM32F427. Since the STM32 works at 3.3V and the Pololu at 5V, when we put the GPIO to 1, 5V could have passed through the STM32 and burnt it! So we still have 3 good PCB, and we changed our pin config so that the corresponding GPIO is an input instead. Hopefully that was the only problem!

Until next time!

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