[HeRos] In action

During the night, Flo has changed the board.h to the default datasheet settings whereas I have write a function which initialize all the ports with “palSetPadMode(port, pad, mode)” from ChibiOS. And… /* Wait for it */

…this morning our first PCB is working fine ! We can load ChibiOs and through the shell we can start tests. The first one concerns the 4 RGB leds:

Next, we continue with speaking with the pololu thanks to a serial port. We send a command to the STMF32 and it forwards it to the pololu. With the keyboards, you can go forward, backward, leftward and rightward.
And this is the result :

The next steps are :

  • Charles will implement the IR
  • Flo will play with Wifi
  • I will take picture from me with the camera 🙂

Now, it’s time to eat


Eric Masseran


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