Implementation around the IMU

now that the TP is over we will focus only on the project. Yesterday I have been writing the code for the IMU, defining the mask for the registers’s names and the configuration parameters. I have also wrote the functions to communicate on an I2C bus with this IMU, chibiOS saved me a lot of time with that.
I can’t still test the whole thing as we don’t have our PCB but I think it will be possible on Friday at least.
I am also studying how to implement the algorithm, we will use a circular buffer for our calculation so we don’t have to keep all the results in RAM and a mailbox (from chibiOS’s structures, il works like an asynchronous FIFO) between the IMU’s data and the DTW implementation, that way it will be possible to run the calculation on live, without waiting for the end of the measure.
That’s all for now.

Hugues Duvillier

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