[StabiloRose] Printing

The major part of the day have been spent on researches about spherical images and geodes. In parallel, a few element of sphere have been printed. As Julien explained to me, the printer is not precise enough to make pieces that fit perfectly into one another. I’ll add more slack between the different pieces of the assembly. We will file the one we already have.

Here is a simple timelapse of a printing. The real time is 55 minutes. The angle might have been better. I’ll try with another one next time. Watching a 3D printer is hypnotic. This is the first time I’m using one personally. The feeling of achievement is really intense. I remember my SolidWorks classes when I was in high school. That was great. But now, one hour after modelling your piece, you can hold it in your hand ! It is just magic.

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