[StabiloRose] Be small before big

Yesterday I had to implement the serial over USB. After several hours, I claimed help to my team. They finally find the problem when I left them in the evening, was I the problem ? (as clestrelin explained, it was about the fact that our VBUS pin from usb is not connected to the default VBUS on STM32).

This morning we visited Sigma Design and it was very interesting to see what kind of jobs you can do after Rose. Each job focus on a particular aspect of an embedded system : hard, checking hard, boot binaries , adapting OS (often linux), making software. Challenge they face are quite hard : simulation of hardware can be very very long, so it is impossible for them to simulate perfectly the device before making the first physical device. However a mistake on the hardware (or in the boot binaries) cost lots of money (and a lot of time too).

This afternoon all my team was beginning new features on our ball and I had nothing important to do. So between two pull request from my team, I began the buzzer. I am not sure it’s working right now because our PCB (we have 3 PCB and we are 5) were reserved for really important features (and buzzer is low priority).

Right now we have a shell (using serial over USB), the LED can be controlled, and we will soon have the Wifi.

This is not big things but it’s the begin of a big software.

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