3D model of the wand


During several days, I have worked on the establishment of a 3D model of the wand. I used Solidworks for that.

Our wand is actually composed by 4 parts :

  • a handle with some holes for the USB plug, the ON/OFF switch and other things. There is a recess to know how to catch it with your hand.
  • a central part to principally support the LED strip
  • an external shaft to hide the LED strip
  • th tip which contains the IR receivers and the emitter, and also a RGB led

The handle and the external shaft are linked thanks to the central part. In fact, they are screwed to the middle part. The board and the battery are contained in the handle.

3D model of the wand

I have been helped by Mickael during this task for the creating of the thread, for the screwing.

Today, we have launched the printing of the handle and the tip and tomorrow, we will launch the rest.


You will be kept in date of the progress of the printing with some other pictures. BYE BYE !


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