[HeRos] Streaming via WiFi

Hi everyone!

The WiFi works very well: I’m able to connect to the HeRos with a minimal Android Application that I coded and I can then control the movement of the robot through that. To test the throughput of the wifi module in streaming mode, I’ve implemented a simple java application on my computer that connects to the HeRos and measures the data rate. I’ve been able to achieve 180KB/s which is cool but may not be enough for our video, even in JPEG. In streaming mode the wifi module directly connects the UART with the WiFi, so the limiting factor for the data rate is the baud rate of the UART. For now I’ve been able to make it work at 921600bps. The wifi module theoretically can work at up to 5,25Mbps, but I haven’t been able to make it work with the STM32F427 yet. I will have to figure out what maximum baud rate I can configure for the STM32 and get it to work well with the WiFi module.

So there’s still work to be done!

Until next time!

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