[HeRos] Wifi again!

Hi everyone!

Today I worked on WiFi, again… Specifically I cleaned up my code and added it to the master branch which means it is ready for a demonstration!

Some issues remain though: the data rate is still unstable, and a little weird. Errors in transmitted messages make the data rate look higher than it actually is, and will make it impossible to stream video, so I have to figure out where they come from (UART, WiFi module, ChibiOS, …)! That’s going to be my goal tomorrow!  In any case HeRos manages to transmit at about 120 000 bytes per second with the UART configured at 921600 bits per second, so that’s pretty good. The next step will be to boost the UART baud rate and be able to stream video at an acceptable framerate and resolution! Rico is working on the camera and we’ll soon be able to test streaming. And Charles has made some good progress on IR so we’ll soon be able to add the shots control and detection via WiFi. The project is really coming along nicely, it will be fun to play with our HeRos!

Until next time!

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