[Kudly]Camera Stuff


Last week end, I began the camera, an OV2640. First,  I tried to communicate with it : I implemented the sccb protocol, which looks like I2C. SCCB is a protocol developped by omnvision. After some tries with different timings, I was finally able to control the register of my camera.

Next, I tried to get an picture and my problems began : I send a clock to the camera on the XCLK pin (the clock is MCO1). Then, my camera is supposed to give me a clock on the PIXCLK pin but I received nothing. I tried to see with it was enable is the register but I found no significant problem. In fact, I read on the openmv project an initialization sequence. I need to write in registers which are not on the datasheet ! So, I finally obtained a PIXCLK… Thank you OmniVision.

I also started a server for Kudly. Yesterday, I did a ogg streaming on a page with chuncked packets.

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