[HeRos] IR still in progress

Hello, it’s been a while since my last post (before the week-end).

So this week-end I work on the IR sensors and emitters. I finally found  a way to receive what my IR emitters was sending. I could send any 16bits frame I wanted, and command the HeRos in function.

But today when we revised the IR part in group, I saw why my code worked but why it wasn’t done the right way. In fact my emissions wasn’t correctly implemented, and my timers wasn’t precise enough. Sam explained me the right way to get IR emissions sent properly, and also how to receive them, but I have to admit I didn’t understand all the reception part, it’s been 2h that I’m trying, I still do not see how to receive the signal correctly. I’m actually having trouble deciding where to reset the timers and where to make my comparisons between time in the code.

I’m going to finish to clean the emissions part of the code, and will see tomorrow for the reception parts, I would be able to ask Sam for precisions about what he explained me this afternoon.


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