[HeRos] Sick and late…


I’m still working on the camera. Today, I configured the camera in JPEG mode. I used the same source as Julien.


However, my pixel clock is not at 24 MHz like the input clock but around 7.7 kHz.

I speak with Julien and he said that he has made some adaptations. I will see with him tomorrow to know what kind of adaptation.

Since last week end, I’m ill. Thus, I’m always tired. I am becoming late on the camera. I am expecting that tomorrow the disease will be over. I want to come back in order to attack the last week of ROSE.

Good night 🙂

Eric Masseran


2 comments to [HeRos] Sick and late…

  • Samuel Tardieu

    How did you measure the clock speed? With the logic analyzer? What speed did you use there?

  • Morikko

    I measured the speed with the logic analyzer. I firstly sampled with a speed too small but next I took a big one with the last beta version.
    The sample speed was 50MHz or 100MHz. I was able to see my clock from the STM32F4, the clock is around 24 MHz.
    With a Kudly board, I saw almost the same clock for PXCLK.