[HeRos] WiFi finally working properly

Hi everyone!

The WiFi is finally working properly! Turns out some of the messages I transmitted via WiFi were corrupted because the RTS and CTS pins of the USART weren’t configured properly. With Sam’s help I found out how I was supposed to configure them and it instantly worked a lot better!

Unfortunately the data rate hasn’t improved a lot. I managed to get to 1Mbps at the most with the UART set up with a 1.2Mbps baud rate. It should be enough to stream JPEG video but it won’t be very pretty! We’ll know more when Rico has the camera working.

I also set up the Android app to show a JPEG input stream but I can’t test it until the camera works! Tomorrow, while I wait for the camera to be ready, I will focus on incorporating Charles’ IR code with WiFi in order to completely control HeRos through WiFi: move, shoot, and get shot at.

Until next time!

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