How to waste time properly

Despite a fair amount of time spent in A406 today, I can’t say I went much further. It was more like running in circle.

I was tracking this infamous stack overflow that broke my USB connection, and I noticed some erratic and I might say most annoying behaviors:

  • I had to change the electric transformer for my jtag to work once;
  • I had to re-install my compilation chain to detect the USB;
  • I had to reboot my computer also once.

I don’t think these tweaks had a real effect by themselves. Maybe there was some random bug hanging out there.

To top it all, I mistook the “corrupt stack” warning of GDB for a stack overflow whereas it was only a tiny but normal stack.


The result of all those misguidances is what you can call a wild-goose chase that cost both my time and patience.

Anyway, at least I had the opportunity to fix some side bugs and improve some part of the software. I managed to take a good look at the BNO055 calibration too, which is good. I think clestrelin is looking forward to being handled that data, so let’s bring it to him!

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