[StabiloRose] Assembly and Wifi improvements

Today I tested and modified some functions that I had wrote yesterday for the Wifi module. Basicaly, as we were not needing to store Wifi information, we were printing it directly to the shell. Now we have a working mailbox that will be usefull for next week PSSCs and future implementations.

Also, we had started to effectively think and experiment the assembly of the sphere. We fixed the 3d printed parts with glue and cut useless parts from the external sphere. We also tried  to fix the leds at the surface of the internal ball witch made us think that the best solution for the fixation of the led strips will be the idea of concentric circles (our led strips are not flexible enough for the orange skin approach) .

That’s it for today.

2 comments to [StabiloRose] Assembly and Wifi improvements

  • Alexis Polti

    Concentric circles : how do you plan to connect the circles together ?

  • ArturSarlo

    We’ll try the most simple approach: different sizes of led strips placed as circles beginning at the “equator” line, going up and down.
    So the tinny led strips will be relied by more flexible (but little) cables extensions. (The end of one to the beginning of another)