Helping and drilling


today I have mainly spent my time on helping one of my team with git. Indeed he had some troubles since he pushed some commit we don’t want see in common code. I showed him how to rebase and how to manage conflict (not easy for me because he uses emacs while I am on vim), and finally how to reset a branch.

We also took a decision about how to put our led ribbon on the ball, and I drilled the ball for us to be able to solder some led inside it. I achieve to break some pins of the balls (pin for stability between the two balls : a small ball is inside a second ball) and screw up a drill bit but my drills are here !

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  • Loki

    You don’t necessarily need your favorite editor to perform a merge conflict resolution on git.

    There is an option in git to specify the editor you want to use for merging:

    “git config merge.tool XXX”

    Personnaly I use meld, it’s easy to use for a 3 way merge.
    if you want it set once and for all: “git config –global merge.tool meld”