[HeRos] Camera and IR working!

Hi everyone!

Today we finalized IR capabilities and it’s working great! Charles implemented a CRC in every transmission and I had to use virtual timers to fix delays between every type of shots. We’re also getting feedback to the app when we’re shot and can see the identity of the shooter.

With Rico we finally got a picture on the Android app! It isn’t streaming yet because we seem to be getting the same image over and over again, as if the buffers weren’t being overwritten. Rico will try to figure out why that is and to correct it!

On monday we’ll get started on the secondary modules and the 3d design. This weekend I’ll also implement backend capability for the app (database, server) using Parse.com which I’ve already used on another app and should serve our purpose quite well. Next week I’ll also work on making streaming work well with the app, and maybe on movement control to make it smoother and more precise, probably with a virtual joystick.

Until next time!

3 comments to [HeRos] Camera and IR working!

  • Alexis Polti

    What do you mean exactly by “this week” and “next week” ? 🙂

  • BigFatFlo

    I’ve only said “next week” and “this weekend”, not “this week”!
    Just in case: by “this weekend” I mean this weekend and by “next week” I mean the week that starts on the monday that comes after 23h59 sunday this weekend :p

  • Alexis Polti

    Oh sorry, my bad!