today I still was on Wifi. As I explained before, we can not use wifi shell and usb shell at the same time and you have to make a choice. The way I make it was not enough good, according to my team, and I change it. Today was firstly a reorganization of shell code (separating code in several files…) and that’s right it looks better now.

I have the feeling that all I did this week was not efficient at all, being reorganize the code all the time, instead of adding new features. I find difficult to foresee which functions you should develop and which function you should not.

But the worst thing was about integration. Main things we all do today was reading the code of others, and integrate ! We made this mistake : wait for getting good features before integrate them into master. So our features branch was too far from each other to be merged properly. Moreover it prevented other to use your current functionnal code. For example, my team and myself would have been able to see the good way to develop the shell wifi long before today, and I would have lost much less time. Besides we all spent too much time on integration today : several hours of works would have been avoided.

However, I am actually glad to make this kind of mistakes, it’s the kind of mistake you do once, and never more.

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