[StabiloRose] (Assembly and) Regression Tests

I mean, calling what we do regression testing would be an insult to anyone who has ever written regression tests, but I’m still glad we caught that one: When we were testing the IMU in the same run as the LEDs, the second one would fail. When we only tested each one individually, they worked fine. In its default configuration, ChibiOS uses the same DMA stream for an I2C controller (the one with our IMU) and an SPI driver (one of our LED ribbons). In individual operation of each of these systems, this causes no problem at all. When you try to use both, it obviously fails.

I feel like we could very easily have missed this one, since those components don’t interact with each other yet, and they had been tested individually already.

Also, we started assembling the ball, but you might have seen that from the 3 previous posts !

Anatole Denis

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