[Kudly]Camera and websockets


I augmented once again the quality of my image. I used the link given by Eric and I changed all my registers. I am using double buffering and I had some problems with my images. It seems that I am not writting fast enougth on the sd card and so the dma overwrite what was on the memory before. So, I have to take a buffer big enough (currently 50kb in my case) to be able to obtain a correct image.

I am working on the server too. I did a simple POST echo handler and a websocket handler to echo the messages. We are trying to adapt it on our wifi card (AW006). The post was easy, we gives the arguments in the url. For the websockets, it was a bit more difficult. It seems that it is not directly supported. If we begin a websocket connection thanks to the http_get method, we get a 101 response (which is the response for websockets) and next, it is impossible to write in the stream.

So we are working on a tcp connection and we are writting our own packets. After reading the websocket RFC, we understood how to encode/decode packets. We tried with basic example and it seems to work 😉

Here is a french frie for the short post 🙂

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