Wanderful !

Hi !

Since few days, I’ve worked on the capacitive sensor controller but I still get a problem : when I read the capacitance of the sensor I use, I always read the same value, even if I put my hand on the pin sensor.

This CapSense controller converts the sensor capacitance into a count value, coded on 2 bytes. There are some debug registers and with them, I can read the count value. This one changes when I touch the pin with something but it changes a lot even if I just plug a simple wire on it, without touching it. Alexis has decided to take the board and try and understand this problem.

Thus, today, I didn’t work on the electrode part, but I have coded the sensor detection thread. Basically, when a player puts his thumb on the sensor, if he lets it enough time on the sensor, it means that a gesture spell will be done. During all the spell, the player has to let his thumb on the capacitive sensor. Once the spell finished, he just has to release his thumb of the sensor.

Moreover, I have corrected small bugs on the 3D model of the wand and we have printed it. For your enjoyment, here are some pictures of our wand (it’s the debug version, we’ll improve the design later 🙂 ).

See you !

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