[HeRos] IR working well, now taking care of the design


During the end of last week, I spent most of my time improving the IR part of our project. Now everything’s working great, each frame received is sorted in order to see if it has not been already received by another receptors in the previous milliseconds. Frames are then send to the phone via Wi-fi or to the computer through the serial usb.

Today was a great day, we have been able to stream video via wi-fi to the smartphone !! It was so cool to see our little HeRos hanging out on the table and streaming video with its camera ! Soon we’ll have everything ready to start playing with our Heros 😉

I spent most of the day designing the look of our HeRos. I had to remember how to use Solidworks (I used it 2 or 3 times in preparatory school) but it was fun to imagine how our little baby’s style 😉 Here is a picture, enjoy 😉  :Capture d'écran de 2015-04-13 20-27-21

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