[HeRos] Sweet Camera

Today, no big image any more but a lot of small ones! I started the day by rewriting my code. I changed the organization and I added a lot of functions in the shell. Through the shell you are able now to change the size (even during streaming!!), to send the images to the wifi or to the computer and to stop/start capture of one or many images.

Today seems easy but during the whole afternoon, I was under the pressure of Flo. Since I was rewriting my code, I made some mistakes and I finished with delay. In the beginning of the afternoon, Flo was able to display the images on the smartphone. But it didn’t look fluid, normal it was 7 fps ^^.  My new mission was to set all the formats (Smaller than CIF 352×288) with a frequency bigger than 24 fps (but not too much, baud rates are precious).

Around 6pm, it was done, we were able to stream with a fluid video! I finished the day with merging my work in Development and I change the code to be “Plug and Play” and thus I play since … battery died 🙂

Tomorrow, we will present our first prototype


Eric Masseran


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