[Kudly] Going into IMU

Hi everyone,

As Antoine said is his previous post, we (normally…) have finished the work on the codec ! Now there is proper control of sound (we can stop playback, adjust volume, encode with a time pre-defined or until we want to stop…), we are able to measure audio level (but we will have to do new tests as soon as we get the new pre-amplified microphone), and we write the code the do the full-duplex (encoding and decoding) for the streaming via wifi.
Now I start to work with the IMU : I’m able to write and read registers of the IMU, but I think the data are not good (if we believe the IMU, the ambient temperature is 80°C…). As I’m writing, I think the problem is perhaps because of the fact that the MPU9150 need a multiple write on the I2C bus, and for now I write byte by byte…. Hope I can debug it before going to sleep !


Have a good night ,


Dimitri Tuaz

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