Motion recognition !!


Great news, today we performed our first motion recognition with the wand’s PCB. We had some disappointing results at first, results were either not conclusive or wrong !! Implementing the DTW algorithm we could have an horizontal move that was closer to a vertical move than to another horizontal one but now it’s ok. Provided the move is big enough (if you just move your thumb vertically it won’t recognize it 🙂 ) we can make the difference between an horizontal and a vertical move. I know it’s not much but it’s enough for two spells for our wand : attack and protection so we can start playing !!

Apart from that I also tried to compensate for the orientation of the wand in the user’s hand but didn’t get good results so its quite likely we will have to give up on that, at least for now. I gave a look at MIT-GRT but apparently the orientation is only calculated for static posture whereas we need it during a movement.



Hugues Duvillier

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