[HeRos] Tests with the first Design and IR configuration

These last 2 days I worked on designing the armor of our PCB. I printed it during yesterday’s night, and this morning I spent a lot of time in order to make the PCB fit in the armor because the armor a bit too small (1-2 mm). I finally found a way and i have been able to test the PCB within the armor.

The IR global emissions worked very well, but I had some trouble with the HL diode supposed to fire direct shots. In fact at the beginning the shot could miss even if the 2 HeRos were close. The problem had been solved by re-emitting the shot. Now when you fire a direct shot, 2 frames are sent (but don’t worry it’s still count as one shot when you’re hit ^^).

We have also another problem. In fact the HL diode, even with a lens, doesn’t emit in a straight way. We’re trying to find a way to solve this problem, maybe we’re going to print a cylinder that would permits to lead the IR.

Now let’s print the 2nd version of the design to have it for tomorrow 😉

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