[HeRos] Adjustment with FPS

This morning, I’ve implemented a function which counts the number of frames sent to the phone. I was with the format QCIF and I saw 14 fps. Flo was so surprised that he decided to count on the phone. And with no surprise he found 14 fps. The video is good but not fluid at all.

The first way of getting frame and sending to the phone was :
– a thread asks the dcmi to get a frame then he waits
– an other thread takes the image and sends it to the phone then he waits

We would like to implement a double buffers. The purpose is to get a frame with the DCMI while the last image was sent (at the same time). It was not so hard but a little other change made my life harder. I firstly removed (in the dcmi driver function) the second buffer for the DMA since I always called the function and used only the first one. But with that code, it was working for a time (for 1s to 10s ) however then the thread was blocked for ever. And it was really hard to follow it with GDB. That the reason why I took so much time today on the fps…

For a conclusion, we made test with 27 fps from the camera (I am now able to count the fps from the camera without counting it with the logic analyzer == usefull) :
– In QCIF : we have 20-22 fps
– In CIF : we have 14 fps (the uart is not enough fast)

When we overuse (or just try) the fps can be quiet good but there are a lot of chance to have a failure (2 or 3 times less fps) or even wifi deconnection.


Eric Masseran


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