[Kudly] Server, websockets, streaming and couture


Today I have done a lot of differents thing.

First,  worked on the server and the web application. For now, there are really few html pages. However, we would like to send care data such as temperature to the server. So, I found a way to print these data. I did a charts with amCharts. It was quite easy and the result is ok. Next, I added a streaming function. As I am developping an app with play framework and scala, I used Iteratees and Enumerators. I need to try more deeply this function because I am not sure of the result. This streaming is using websockets. As you are communicating bytes and not string, the header was different. That caused some problems.

I tried to help some people to fix bugs. Now, file downloading and uploading work. We are still waiting for websockets to try the streaming.

I also did some couture. I fixed sensors inside the bear and we found a way to open and close the bear quickly. It is good enough for what we want to do.




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