Motion recognition again


obviously I was too optimist a few days ago when I said that the motion recognition was going on well : the results were not conclusive and quite randomly given. So for the last days I have been making tests, plotting the IMU’s output to check that the data were coherent were with what I expected and they were therefore the problem has to come from the DTW algorithm which doesn’t seem to be as effective as documents, thesis and others we read lead us to believe. We have added pre-processing and tried specific gesture and the results have slightly improve but it is still quite disappointing. Still we are not giving up and we will find a way even if it implies changing utterly the way we want to recognize the spells. I also worked on the microphone, we spent a lot of time trying to generate  the clock without success and it looks like we didn’t configure it well on the microprocessor, that is we didn’t use to its full ability but it’s starting to work now so more info this evening.


Hugues Duvillier

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