[HeRos] What a day it has been

Hi everyone!

Today was interesting… We started the day with two PCBs not working: the UART with the Pololu didn’t work since yesterday. And then a third PCB started exhibiting the same symptoms. After a long investigation, it turns out that a transistor on the TX pin of the UART is fried and by adding a pull-up resistor, Alexis managed to get two PCBs working again. Unfortunately the third one is beyond repair and the processor is going to have to be replaced.

Then I worked on improving the app interface and stability and the server. The app also has some nice sound effects now from various sources: Star Wars (that new teaser felt good, didn’t it? 😉 ), Portal, even one from Mario! It’s all working pretty well. One issue remains: when only one of us is connected to a HeRos, we have 28fps streaming, no problem. But when two of us are connected at the same time, the framerate becomes unstable and has sudden drops. Whether it’s due to interferences or the number of people using the A406 hotspot, we don’t know yet. We’ll do more testing tomorrow.

Until next time!

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