[HeRos] New Design to lead the HL diode emissions

Today began terribly. We had 2 PCBs that just couldn’t communicate with Pololu and we didn’t know why. Then this morning another one got wrong. We analyzed what was coming from the Serial Port of our PCB that was supposed to communicate with the Pololu and saw that the signal just couldn’t increase up to 3.3v anymore when it was emitting a signal. The P transistor has fried. Alexis helped us solving the problem by adding a pull up resistor to have a correct signal. This worked pretty well on the first 2 PCBs that were damaged, but not on the 3rd one.


After this bad morning, I spent the day working on IR matters. In fact our HL diode  (used for direct shots) is not enough directive. This is a problem because you could fire another HeRos even if you didn’t aim correctly. I was thinking about a special cylinder printed in 3d to direct the IR but it appears the IR goes through the material used by the 3D printer (PLA). I was seeking new material to make a cylinder when Alexis told be a simple 4 color pen could be able to direct the IR. I tried it and it worked perfectly, now your direct shot are precise.

Capture d'écran de 2015-04-18 01-10-03

I changed the design in function and then studied the range of our IR shots. Global Shots are received up to 3,5 m and direct shots up to 10m, so this will make it for the game.

We also tried with Eric to see if it was possible to play in the dark with our HeRos, the result is quite fun :


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