[StabiloRose] Today was not that bad

Yet, I would not have said that a few hours ago. Since this morning, I have not been productive. First, I was not able to fix a corrupt stack. But, thanks to Natolumin, the problem have been solved since 7 pm. I could not fix the calibration of the LEDs. To sum up, all I did until this evening was making a few hole and the assembly of the PCB support (and a trip to bricorama). Nothing really useful.

However, thanks to the team, “we” obtained good results during the night, a few bug fixes and features implemented. And it is good to see that the project complete its PSSC.

For the anecdote, I fixed the calibration issue about an hour ago. In one hemisphere, one of our strip was reversed. The problem is trivial. You spot the beginning and the finishing LEDs, then flip the calibration data. However, when you swap cells like this with libreoffice, it automatically adapts formulas such that the other column remains identical. What a great idea ! For me, the opposite behavior is so obvious that I have not even thought about checking that. Anyway, it is ok now.

Good night.

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