[Kudly]Big day for us

Hello !

Today was a BIG day for us, first of all we presented a “final” prototype to Alexis and Samuel. Our Kudly was supposed to take a picture when we take Kudly’s hands in ours, but during the demonstration, the picture hasn’t been sent to the server and we couldn’t show the picture on it. We still don’t understand why it happened, but today we will work on it and will find the weakness. We copped with an other problem, the same as the picture, in the demonstration we were supposed to encode a sound and send it to the server but the transmit didn’t happen … But the rest of the demonstration went well, and it motivates us for friday. During the afternoon, we also had a test on all courses we had since the beginning, on tutorials from my teammates and a practical training. I’m really mad at me because my preparation really wasn’t the right one, and furthermore, I lost a lot of time on implementing something that I should have implemented a long time ago Grrrrr too many regrets. Tonight my moral is low but I’m sure that a full night of sleep will be very efficient ! Good night all 🙂

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