“Bonjour, on a fait une image qui roule!”

Hey guys !

Now it’s pretty late, and despite all my efforts, I couldn’t make it work (streaming animations over wifi). I was able to make the board get a webpage with some data to put on the spi buffer or to play on the buzzer, though.

I guess I’ll do that next week, the feature is there, it is just all buggy.

The issues I encountered were sending bits with Javascript, parsing a RFC-like websocket frame, and make all my code modular enough to make a viable API. I managed to do all that, and I had to stop when filling the image buffer. What’s fustrating is that I’m this close to achieve my goals… But I guess this feeling is a well-known part of ROSE.

And of course, I’m also glad to see our ball light herself up. I’m looking forward to making it breathtaking next week !

That’s it for now, good night !

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