[HeRos] It’s going to be an interesting week!

Hi everyone!

This morning we had the evaluation of our projects by Alexis and Sam. We thought we had done enough tests to show a pretty good demo. Unfortunately a tiny mistake (very tiny: a 0 instead of a -1 on some server code) made it impossible for one of our HeRos to detect when it was shot! But we fixed the bug in a few minutes so it wasn’t that bad. This afternoon we had a test: the development part of it was about implementing a morse translator (both sound and visual on serial over usb). I did it with a very simple albeit ugly function that simply built a string one dot or dash at a time depending on which letter was detected.

What remains to be done for friday is:
– improving the app: UI, design and stability
– switching from TCP to UDP to communicate with our HeRos. Even though the app will now need to reorder fragments of Jpeg and to ignore incomplete frames, UDP is more adapted to streaming and should resolve our drops in framerate. I’ve already start working on this today, it should be done by noon tomorrow
– improving gameplay: more types of game, etc.

So we’re close to the end, but not quite there yet!

Until next time!

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