[HeRos] Last week

After a long week-end, we finally present our result to Alexis and Sam. It was good but not enough to be attractive for common usage. HeRos are able to communicate with a smartphone by WiFi, display the camera, shot trough IR. The gameplay is not enough developed and thus it is our first goal for the beginning of the week.

Three points:

  • Adapt android application design
  • Improved gameplay
  • Create HeRos identity to identify the project (logo, color, sound …)

Samuel gave us a very good advise today in order to correct the inconvenient disconnection between the HeRos and the smartphone. We currently used TCP protocol but maybe during re-send packet we lose the camera then the connection is interrupted (not closed) during 1-3s. We will implement UDP protocol to avoid re-send packet since we need the camera only at the present time.


Eric Masseran


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