[HeRos] IR range control, 2 days left before final presentation ;)


The last days have been very intense. Our project has been evaluated on Monday, so me and my group spent the entire week-end finishing some feature and getting the code clean and in order for the presentation. The presentation went well, even if we had a minor bug (fixed in 5 minutes), won’t happen again in a presentation :/ But after correcting this our project was working well, we could play a basic HeRos game 😉

I implemented during the week end a new way to send the IR. I was using a PWM to generate the IR frame, now we are also using another one to deal with the power of the IR shots. This permits us to control the shot power and so its range. Now we are able to limit the range of the global shots, making the gameplay more fun !

Now we are focusing on the presentation we are going to make on Friday. It will be an important moment for us, the achievement of 2 intense months, and we want to share our excitment for this project with everyone, hope we’ll make a good presentation !

We have still a lot to do : Videos, presentation, final tests, Hackster page project to complete, but we’ll make it !

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