[Kudly]Last run !


Today, we solved a lot of problems.

First, I finished the streaming part of my project. I faced problems with communication speed, queues and data loss. I finally found a way to configure all these parameters. Now I need to integrate it to the rest of the program. I could be cool to have it ready for Friday presentation.

Next, we had some problems with wifi. They were here for a long time but it never appeared before. To do events and mailboxes on chibios, we used the *_DECL way of declaring it. The problem is that it seems to declare static variables. So, it did not work in others files all the time : sometimes it works, sometimes it fails…




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3 comments to [Kudly]Last run !

  • Alexis Polti

    What makes you say that _DECL statements declare static variables ?

    In the ChibiOS 2.6.7 sources :
    #define MAILBOX_DECL(name, buffer, size) \
    Mailbox name = _MAILBOX_DATA(name, buffer, size)

    Nothing static here…

  • But in chibios doc : “Static mailbox initializer.”. Maybe I have misunderstood but after we initialized ourself the events, it worked.

  • In fact, it is the initialization which is static, not the mailbox. My bad.